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How to be kinder to yourself: How to develop self-compassion for yourself.

This 2 hour workshop provides simple tools for responding in a kind, compassionate way whenever we are going through difficult times. Through discussion, meditation, and exercises, you will gain practical skills to help bring self-compassion into their daily lives.

Learn how to stop being so hard on yourself and handle difficult emotions and experiences with ease.

This workshop is relevant for the general public, mental health professionals and carers or caregivers. You will be supported, be able to connect, and meet like-minded people.

  • Learn how to be more compassionate and less hard to yourself.
  • Learn ways to boost your self-esteem.
  • Come along and make an appointment for yourself.

Refreshments provided throughout.

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Do you want understand what self-care is for you, and improve your self-care?

Our workshops will support you in nourishing your needs and reconnect you with the essential qualities of yourself. Each workshop has different topics and objectives.

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One to One

Self care looks different for everyone, we want to help you with that.

We have a program that would be tailored to support you meeting your self-care needs.  Helping you to plan and execute self care into your lifestyle.

We provide one to one support on a fortnightly basis from one of our workers to where you would be able talk confidentially, get advice and support.

For one to one support: please email: for cost details.

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