4 Ways To Practice Self–Compassion And Develop Self-Acceptance

Do you find that you are too hard on yourself? Do you find that you always feel that there is something wrong with you or compare yourself to others?

This is normal but gets in the way of your serving at your best.

I want to share with you 4 ways you can master this and focus solely on serving at your best.


Positive change starts with you making a decision.  Make a decision to be more compassion and accepting of yourself. This is the first sign of change.


When you are stressed out overwhelmed it can be easy for you to think negatively and find that this is when you say some of the worst things to yourself that you would never say to someone else. Start by monitoring what you say to yourself, especially when you are under pressure. How true or realistic are the things that you say to yourself?  How can you balance this out to be something that is more kind, true or realistic?


What are your expectations? Do they need to be lowered? You should never shy away from or feel shamed to lower your expectations. I always say you need to scale back to scale up. There is nothing wrong with starting small and then working your way up, instead of blazing forward and then burning out. It is so easy to put pressure yourself but, are you making it easy for yourself? We become more confident when we do things well and complete things.


Stop brushing off your wins and focusing so much on the future or the NEXT thing. If you want to welcome more of what you have been working hard for start celebrating yourself. It does not mean you have to have a glass of wine or go and eat out but a ‘Well done’ and a pat on the back will do. I encourage my clients to create a rewards list, and celebrate yourself form the items on the list.

Hope this helped.


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The 3 E’s for an effective morning self-care routine that sets you up to win.

The 3 E’s for an effective morning self-care routine that sets you up to win.

Do you ever feel like you’ve failed your morning routine? Or you just can’t stick to the routines or plans you have set yourself.

There are a few reasons why this may be the case.

You have too much going on-  

Your expectations are too high. It can be so easy to put high expectations on yourself when you are starting something new. However, these expectations can sometimes set you up for failure. You need to make sure your routine is simple and doable. If you have not been able to stick to a routine before, you do not want to overload yourself with lots of things that may be irrelevant. Simple and sweet helps with consistency.

You are not giving yourself enough time-

You need to be realistic here. With the activities you have selected how much time do you need to get something out of it? Don’t give yourself less time than you need.  Do not feel that just because you have a routine you need to do it all at once. Another way you could do this is by selecting an amount of time you can allocate to the activities and the break down the amount of time your spend on them to fit in that time; this makes it more realistic and doable.

You are not focused on what you need-

One of the best ways to focus is to prioritise. Figure out what is important for you to be doing and create time for it. Make sure you are doing activities that met your needs. Once you have mastered that then you can work your way up.

So, what are the ingredients for an awesome routine?

Self-care is all about making simplicity so you can be consistent and show up for yourself.

Your routine or plan should consist activities that

Energise you- This would involve you doing things that boosts your energy and shifts your mood.

Educate you- This can be things such as audio books, physical books, courses, journaling or reflection.

Embrace you- These would be anything that expresses appreciation, boosts your confidence and esteem, or helps you to learn more about yourself.

Start auditing your routine and share your routines with me.

Share what your routine will look like in the comments.

How to solve problems with ease

We all have problems and it would be hard to say that you will never have a problem.

Do you feel like you have problems and you cannot face them?

Do you have a habit of waiting until the last minute to deal with you problems?

Do you feel like you have no control over your

Do not leave your problems until they get on top of you.



The steps to solving problems with ease

  1. Select one problem at a time to solve
  2. Identify what the main problem is and why it is a problem for you
  3. Come up with solutions to solve this problem, write them down
  4. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each solution
  5. Pick the best solution
  6. Make a clear and simple plan to execute this solution (remember the 4 W’s)
  7. Follow the plan to the T
  8. Reflect and review on the outcome.
  9. If your problem is solved, great! If not, go back to you solutions and work your way down the steps.

Try out these steps and do not forget to use paper to write down these problems. Work on solving one problem at a time.

Do not keep them in your head.

Let me know if you have questions