Good to Me

Good to Me was founded to support you and to manage your mental health through the practice of self-care, so you can and bounce back from the things that life throws at you.

Good to Me aims to provide you with tools, techniques and tips to help you identify what self care is for you, stick to your self-care routine and goals, to stay motivated and make time  to take care of you, so you can take care everything else in your busy life.


The Box

Good to Me box is a self-care box developed as a little reminder or nudge for you to put yourself first and make self-care simple.

Good to Me box is a monthly subscription to help you to learn the technique of self-soothing to reduce the feeling of stress and overwhelm or if you are simply in need of a pick me up.

We have handpicked self-care products and items to stimulate and aid you in self-soothing each of your five senses, which includes taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. To keep you inspired, consistent and motivated with your self-care routine; one box at a time. Oh yes! and you can get a one-off box if you want to give it a try.

We have various Self-care coaching programs and workshops to help to explore practical ways to take time out for yourself, be kinder to yourself, and mange your time and stress, so you can be the best version of YOU!

The Founder

Shanley Lewis is a Self-care coach and an Assistant psychologist with a big interest in self- care and mental wellbeing.

Shanley has been working with in the NHS with people experiencing a wide-range mental health difficulties and their families.

Shanley has been involved in research, looking at the experiences people with mental health problems face.

“From working as a mental health care professional, I myself reap the benefits of practicing good self-care. I encourage all my clients I work with to practice self-care. They mention how important and enjoyable self-care is in improving their mental wellbeing, and the difficulty of practicing when they are not feeling 100%".

Shanley's mission is to help people to learn the skill of self-care, as she believes this is a skill that many of us have not been taught.