Let’s talk about self-doubt.

This is something that comes up a lot for people who struggle with their confidence, esteem and accepting themselves. I don’t want you to let self-doubt scare you out of dreams, goals, ambitions and service you provide.

You will experience self-doubt regardless of who you are. I am pretty sure you can remember a time when you have doubted yourself and it has stopped your form doing something. It does not matter what colour or creed you are (this is what makes us human).

A lot of things that get in the way of you showing up and serving at your best is to do with how you think or see something. So, the meaning you put behind something can motivate or keep you stuck.

There is a quote that I love which says:

‘‘People will never rise above the opinions of themselves’. Unknown

I used to struggle with self-doubt. Don’t get me wrong it does creep in sometimes. However, I do not give it the same attention I used to, it doesn’t have the same hold on me that it used to because I’m now have the tools and had the tooIs to change a few things up and took a few steps to overcome self-doubt and I’m going to show you how you can do that too, right now.

IDENTIFIED THE SELF-DOUBT AND UNIDENTIFIED WITH THE MEANING– Every time I noticed self-doubt creeping and resistance to doing something. I would call it out. Name and shame it, ‘this is self-doubt’. I normalised this ‘this happens to many people’ and then encouraged myself.

ASKED FOR HELP BUT NOT SEEK REASSURANCE– I stopped trying to do it all myself and when I needed help, I actually started to ask for it. I made sure I was not too dependent on others’ opinions or views, so monitored whether I was seeking reassurance or asking for help. If this is not monitored you can get stuck in a cycle of gaining confidence through others and not yourself.

PRACTICED SELF-COMPASSION- I started compassionate journaling, and practiced treating myself and speaking to myself like I would a friend.

TOOK SMALL STEPS– I broke things down, everything that was in front of me that was holding me back, I thought about how I could make it SIMPLE and EASY.

FOCUSED ON WHAT IS IMPORTANT- I focused on my values and what was important and meaning for me. This helped me to focus on my strengths and what I enjoyed doing, helping others. This helped to cancel out the noise.

CHALLENGED MY UNHELPFUL THINKING– I did this by getting clear on what was realistic and what was just my own opinion.

Hope this helps you.