Many do not know where to start with self-care.

A good place to start is with self-reflection.

Taking care of yourself can be really difficult. This is where self reflection comes in.

If you don’t practice self-reflection which helps you to become more self-aware you make it harder for yourself. I like to say, if you are not aware then you can’t take care.

One of the first things I teach anyone starting out on their self-care journey is to practice self-reflection. You can do this through check-in questions, mindfulness or journaling.

When you meet your needs, this is how you make self-care easy and effective.

Here are some check-in questions that you can ask yourself:

?How am I feeling right now?
?What sensations do I notice in my body right now?
?What thoughts am I having right now?
?What am I experiencing at this present moment? .
?What do I need right now?

You can use this as a journaling prompts or you can answer these questions aloud and proceed to meeting your needs.

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