Let’s talk about self-care blocks and how to overcome them. It’s really common to just see self-care as the only strategy (rituals, routine and plan). There’s loads more to it self-care. It includes your mindset too. Your mindset gets in the way of you taking care of yourself, this is a self-care block.

What is a Self-care block?

A barrier getting in the way of your talking care of yourself or a  negative subconscious beliefs about self-care that limits you from achieving your conscious desires.

Here are a few COMMON self-care blocks and how to overcome them.


Not knowing what your needs are and how to meet them can be quite scary and can be quite difficult to sit with the uncertainty and you may find that you distract yourself doing other things that don’t actually meet your need checking in with yourself and getting clear and what your needs are and not comparing yourself to what other people are doing is a good start. Follow a simple self-care plan that meets YOUR needs.


Pictures that you believe you should and you believe that you must be working serving ideas other than yourself or this might mean that you are selfish this is far from the truth because when you fill up your cup please can I help you to be more productive more creative and allow you to serve your clients at your desk with a peace of mind. Use mantras and affirms to manage this guilt.


Takes a lot of time and that you do not have enough time in your schedule to be able to take time for yourself because you’re too busy meeting other people’s needs. I can take as long as you want it to and can be something that you can squeeze into your day every 90 minutes.


This is where you believe you may not be worth the time and it’s more efficient to spend your time serving others than yourself. Remember you can’t pour from an empty Cup. Write down all the things that you do to help others and identify ways you can look after yourself and why.

Hope this helped.

Comment with what you feel is your main block.