Do you ever feel like you get the wrong end of the stick? Do find that you are so hard on yourself and you would not even speak to your friend in that way?


We all experience negative thoughts. Your thoughts impact on how we feel emotionally, mentally and can impact what you do or do not do.


You can get so stressed that you can start to doubt yourself and who you are. This is when you need to give yourself a reality check. You need to help yourself to think from a different perspective.

You need to ask yourself these questions:


  1. What am I reacting to right now?
  2. Is this a fact or opinion?
  3. Am I being critical to myself?
  4. Am I forgetting about the good things I have been doing?
  5. Am I blowing things out of proportion?
  6. How important will it be in a year?
  7. Am I expecting something from this person or situation that is unrealistic?
  8. What’s the worst that could happen?
  9. What is the best that could happen? 
  10. Am I jumping to conclusions?
  11. Is there another way that I could deal with this?
  12. What would I say to a friend who had this thought?


Hope you found this helpful, it can be helpful to practice mindfulness before asking yourself these questions, as it allows you to pause and take a break.


Comment below with what questions you need to ask yourself more often?