Do you want to make selfcare part of your lifestyle? Do you want to start prioritising yourself over all the tasks you have to do? I am going to show you exactly how you can do that.


Where to get started:


When you’re just starting out on your self care journey or if you’ve just fallen off of your self-care journey, it is always best to start with the basics.

Maslow founded the Hierarchy of Human needs. He highlights that in order to reach the top of the pyramid which is self-actualisation, you need to meet the basic needs on the lower level of the pyramid and work your way up. According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, he states that your basic needs are your physiological needs such as food, water, warmth, rest, and sex.


That is exactly what I recommend you to do. Before getting all fancy and luxury start with your self-care, start by meeting your basic needs, once you get into the habit of meeting your basic needs regularly you can start to build on it.


Build your self-care habit.


Make self-care a  habit, so it can be part of my life. The best way to start is to start small and with one thing and then build upon it  check out this book Automic habits by James Clear. In the book he talks about stacking or building on your habits.


Some things to remember:


Don’t be too hard and rigid on yourself when you’re starting out with selfcare it is really important to have an open mind and be willing to try out different things and see what works. Keep a record of the different activities that actually work, not only  what you see in the media, instead do what rituals have worked for you in the past.


I want to leave you with some ideas that you can try out to get you started on your self care journey. Here are 5 simple steps that you can take to get you started that are back by evidence.




Maintain contact and make time to be with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours. Connect with others at home or work and in your local community. Do not forget that you can do these things virtually too.




We can learn something new everyday, you just need to be aware and intentional about it. You can get a lots of knowledge from others or reading. Try something new. Set yourself a challenge.  Try out an evening or daytime course. Pick up a new or an old hobby, learn a new language or skill. They more knowledge you have, the more confident you feel.




Exercise has great benefits to our well being. Be active and move your body. Get some physical exercise. Get outside! Walk, run, cycle, work out, garden or dance. Do whatever works for you




Give to yourself and others. Whether this is knowledge, advice, even a compliment. Do something nice for someone and do not forget to do it to yourself too. Say thank you or smile at others and yourself. Do something to give back to those less fortunate whether that is voluntary work or joining a charity.




Be curious, mindful, aware and take notice of your surrounding. Take time to notice the beautiful things around, and enjoy moments of awe. Try doing some mindful breathing or listening.


Comment below with what you will be doing with yourself and your takeaways.