Good to Me was founded to empower people who experience mental health problems to prioritise themselves through practicing good self-care.

From working as a mental health care professional, I myself reap the benefits of practicing good self-care as well as the daily challenges of setting aside time.  Clients I’ve worked with mention how important and enjoyable self-care is to them, and the difficulty of practicing when they are not feeling 100%.

It is commonly thought that self-care is a selfish act rather than self-preserving. Think of it as ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup’.

Good to Me box was developed as a reminder or little nudge to put yourself first and make self-care simple. Good to Me box is a monthly subscription for women experiencing mental health problems or if you are simply in need of a pick me up.

We have handpicked self-care products and items to stimulate and aid you in self-soothing each of your five senses, which includes taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. To keep you inspired and motivated with your self-care routine; one box at a time.